We love traveling and cooking but most of all we LOVE sharing it with you. Without you, none of this will be possible.

To make the Pinkrambutan Travel Cookbook possible we decided to do a Kickstarter project which will start in June 2019 and will be open for 30 days. If you want to make this project can come true please enter your email address here and we will keep you up to date about our Pinkrambutan Travel Cookbook and will inform you when our kickstarter project will be launched:

Our Kickstarter will start in:


These are 2 of our rewards:

The Pinkrambutan Travel Cook Book will be our main product. After one year traveling we will publish and distribute the first offline hardcover cookbook of pinkrambutan to you. It will cover about 100 recipes from our first year traveling and have done preliminary design and photography to develop the visual language of the book we'd like to create. We've deeply investigated various book production technologies to decide which will work best for our vision of a beautifully-crafted book that will stand the test of time. Beautiful pictures will show you the finished products.

Our goal is to set up all recipes very easy with an instruction that you can immediately cook it the easiest way. We will also deliver a special pinkrambutan measurement cup which we will use for all our recipes to make it as easy as possible for you.