welcome to pinkrambutan


Since decades we are travelers and adventurers with a special favor for fitness, health and eating and cooking good and healthy food. We travelled around the world for years know.

Once we crossed the Caribbean Sea with our sailboat last year we have born the idea of pinkrambutan and the extraordinary healthy lifestyle gateway.

Pinkrambutan will give you access to 3 main topics - food - travel and movement.

pinkrambutan food & travel

We are going to create a cookbook with healthy and good tasting recipes during our travels.  The idea behind this extraordinary travel cookbook is that we want to spread our knowledge and also the great culinary experiences we had and will have in the future to you in a very entertaining way.

pinkrambutan movement

At pinkrambutan movement we provide you different programs to help you to reach your fitness and health goal. It is a combination between fitness and nutrition (pinkrambutan food).


Where we are now, and what we want to do

Our goal is to produce an extraordinary healthy lifestyle gateway, where everyone can make a big health profit from.

We are producing a travel cookbook while traveling around the world (starting in Europe) with a moveable kitchen in an Airstream and we will search for extraordinary good and healthy food and will provide you the recipes in our online pinkrambutan travel cookbook.

And we will give you an access to different health and fitness programs combining fitness and nutrition.


If you want to do the first step and enter our extraordinary Healthy Lifestyle Gateway for free - just leave your email address and click on the button "FREE ACCESS":