Who we are

Pinkrambutan will be a pretty sweet airstream, but what really makes it special is the PEOPLE that live in it.  Here you get more information about the pinkrambutan family.

KLAUS - The Adventurer

Hello - my name is Klaus. I was born in a famous wine-area in Austria called Wachau. In my childhood I travelled a lot in Europe and Africa with my parents in a VW-Bus. After I had finished school I started to study sports at university in Vienna. 5 month a year I spent traveling and windsurfing. After I had finished university I organized and took part in several extremesports and adventure projects which were published in magazines and TV. I’m a teacher for physical education and a personal trainer. My dedication is fitness, all kind of snow- and water sports, traveling and eating good and healthy food. 

On our last one year trip with a sailboat in the Caribbean - when my wife baked a delicious apple pie - I had the idea to combine traveling and good food in a special story - pinkrambutan was born.


SUU - The Cooking Lover

Hi I’m Suu. I grew up in a small village where we had a lot of farmers around us who produced organic food. My mother used this products very often and she cooked with passion.
Since I was a child movement was an important part of my life. After I had finished school I decided to study sports and Italian to become a teacher. I also joined the university in Italy for one year and there I felt in love with the Italian food.
After we had got 2 beautiful daughters healthy nutrition got more and more important for me. I love cooking for my family and friends using fresh organic ingredients and creating delicious meals.
In the last 20 years we travelled a lot and we recognized that every country has it’s own food, herbs and ingredients.
This is what we want to share with you in the future at pinkrambutan.com.


ALINA - The Kitesurfing Girl

My name is Alina and  I’m 18 years old. I finished school in 2018 and decided to do a gap year. A friend of mine and I traveled around Australia and New Zealand for 5 months. One day I got a text from my parents about a new project called Pinkrambutan. From the first moment on I was convinced of the idea to combine healthy food, movement and traveling. We always traveled around different countries since I was a little kid, that’s why I have the passion to travel.  Additionally, I love to taste new kind of food from other countries. So you have the opportunity to see other countries and get to know a little bit of their cultures by tasting their food. Also movement is a big role in our family, we love kitesurfing, hiking, snowboarding and much more. That’s the lifestyle I like!


VITA - The Free Spirit

Hello my name is Vita. I am 16 years old. 2018/19 I have done a school exchange year in the USA in Minnesota. My family and I are really active, we’re doing lots of sports and we love to move and also to eat. But we always have a really healthy lifestyle. One day my mom and dad had an idea that we should share our healthy lifestyle with people, and show them how we have fun at the same time. So if you want to know how and what we are doing just join the pinkrambutan family!