pinkrambutan cookbook


Our goal is to produce an extraordinary travel cookbook while traveling around the world (starting in Europe) with a moveable kitchen in an Airstream and we will search for extraordinary good and healthy food and will provide you the recipes in our pinkrambutan travel cookbook. We will not only cook and provide the recipes by ourselves - we will also ask food-creators if they want to share special recipes with us. We will cook it with them in our airstream kitchen or in their personal home or restaurant and we will publish the recipes for you.

The recipes will be searchable according to different criterias. This will give you the opportunity to find a recipe you want to prepare much faster.

Pasta Trapanese
Pasta Trapanese - low carb
Lemmon Tart
Sour Cream vegan
Oat-Egg Power Breakfast
Bean Burger
Sweet potato fries
Italian Spinach Pasta
Roasted Chickpea Snack
Lentil Tortilla
Vegetable Lasagna
Italian Artichokes Pasta
Jackfruit Burger
Nut bread
Crispy Tofu Vietnamese
Avocado Brownies
Pizza Asparagus
African Rice
Artichokes in Wine
Zuchini and Carrot Burger
Mushroom Bread
Austrian Curt Cake "Topfenstrudel"
Vegan Mushroom Bacon
Fried Fennel and Tomatoes
Sweet Potato Gnocchi
Quinoa Salad


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Most of the time we are cooking in our Airstream...