pinkrambutan movement

Welcome to our movement, health & fitness programs

My name is Klaus Wolfsberger - I'm 46 years old and still in good shape. Since over 30 years I'm a fitness athlete and since over 20 years I'm a personal fitness trainer. I have studied sports at university in Vienna / Austria and I have trained hundreds of clients during the past few years helping them to reach their fitness goal. I also built up an online fitness platform in Austria and Germany.

My next goal is to help you to reach your fitness and health goal. It will be a combination between nutrition and fitness.


We offer 3 different programs:

1. Beachbody Shredding Program << click for more information

2. Extreme-Fat-Loss Program (available soon)

3. Stay healthy and live longer Program (available soon)


The Pinkrambutan Movement programs will be designed for one purpose only:

To enable you to build the Beachbody physique of your dreams.

Each program is designed with one clear goal.

  • Beachbody  Shredding - moderate fat loss with muscle gain
  • Extreme Fat Loss - maximum fat loss
  • Stay healthy and live longer - healthy movement and longevity

Each program will include your full training and nutrition plan designed to transform your body.