SEASON 2017 - Sailing Panama & San Blas Islands

The Sailing Family Now is packing their bags because they will fly on 1st of July from Austria to Panama where their sailboat Tavarua is waiting for them - click here to see more

From Austria we had a flight to Panama where we travelled to Port Linton to see our sailboat Tavarua - a Hallberg Rassy 352 - for the first time live - click here to see more

We started the refit of our new boat and went to Shalter Bay to repair some sails - follow our adventure trip - click here to see more

Yes we get to know with the first thunderstorms here in Panama and they are really different than the lightnings in Europe. And we fought with the thru hulls and the seacocks - to give them out - click here to see more

Follow us doing the last preps before lifting Tavarua on water. See what happened in Panama City and the dingy motor lives again - click here to see more

This is the first time sailing with Tavarua - the main sail worked the Genua not - something to repair again. We sailed to Isla Grande - check out the Island-walk - click here to see more

Finally the moment has come - we are going to water with Tavarua. And as we are in the jungle a big Boa is resting on our boat - see what happens next - click here to see more

On the way to the San Blas Islands we made a stop over at a very nice place where we met some french sailor friends. There we saw our first crocodile in Panama - amazing! Then we sailed on to the San Blas Islands in very different conditions - click here to see more

First we stayed in the Lemmon Cays and had some nice underwater adventure, ate some Lobster and then sailed to a lonesome bay at the Holandes Cays where we found an uninhabited island - click here to see more

We were sailing from the Lemmon Cays to the Hollands Cays - shallow water but paradise islands and beaches - follow us to paradise - click here to see more

No luck - this time we hit a big storm coming from Columbia - it´s called „Cuoio di pollo“. We had to fight for Tavarua not to set her on a reef - click here to see more

This time we sailed to Nagana - an island near Rio Diablo in San Blas. This is the only Kuna Yala Town which has a power plant, electricity, supermarkets and is not so traditional as the other islands. Come with us to see which animals we have seen and see Vita dancing with the Kuna girls  - click here to see more

After Nagana we sailed to Gunboat Island - another paradise Island in San Blas. We spend some days for chilling and snorkeling at the reefs - click here to see more

We closed our circle in the San Blas Islands. After meeting some friends at the Lemmon Cays we sailed back to the mainland of Panama and we had a great time watching dolphins - click here to see more

As we had to fill up the fuel, buy food and water, needed a WIFI we had to sail to Portobelo. See what happened there and join our workout - click here to see more

After one day waiting because thunderstorm and lightens made it too dangerous to sail we navigated back to the San Blas Islands to discover new islands - click here to see more

After sailing to the Hollondais Cays and spending some amazing days there we run out of food. Our fishing skills are very bad so we decided to drink and eat coconuts. Back to Robinson life - click here to see more

We were invited to a BBQ on a nearby island - so we had something to eat again. But at the island we were attacked by sand flys. Moreover we decided to sail to Nagana - an island where you can buy some food. Robinson Life and eating coconuts all the time can be very hard - click here to see more

After another nice BBQ at the Lemmon Cays we left the San Blas Islands back to Port Linton. The trip back we made together with our friends who have 2 catamarans. So we spend a nice day together and yes the girls went over board - click here to see more

We returned to Port Linton and prepared everything for going back home to Austria for some month to work and make money again. We will return to Panama in July 2018 and will sail for over a year - maybe longer - it depends on your support - click here to see more

In this video we are looking back on what’s happened in 2017 - the scariest & the best moments of The Sailing Family 2017. We also tell you what we are planning for 2018 in detail - click here to see more