Between 1997 and 2001 Klaus did some extremesports and adventure projects which have been covered from magazines and tv-stations (Eurosport) all over Europe and beyond.


"Greece Island Crossing"

Chris Pressler and Klaus Wolfsberger tried to windsurf from Athens to Rhodos. As the Meltemi died after a week they had to give up in Santorini.

"Riding Morocco"

Chris Pressler and Klaus Wolfsberger discovered Morocco with a mountain bike and a trailer carrying their windsurf and snowboard equipment. Snowboarding on the highest peaks of North Africa and windsurfing on the coast of morocco and over 1000 km with the bikes and the trailers - a great adventure.


"Boarding Etna"

Alex Springenschmidt and Klaus Wolfsberger were Snowboarding on the active vulcan called Etna in Sicily.

"Extreme in Southeastasia"

Alex Springenschmidt and Klaus Wolfsberger crossed "The Strait of Malacca" between Indonesia and Malaysia with their windsurfing boards. After looking for windsurfing spots in Bali they followed the route of Heinrich Harrer in the Jungle of Irian Jaya with their Mountainbikes. The first bike crossing in this area - an amazing adventure.


"New Zealand extreme"

A journey on public transport and hitch hiking from north to south including 400 kg sportsequipment for windsurfing, mountain biking and snowboarding. Great action in  NZ!


"The Sailing Family - Season 2016"

The beginning of a new adventure series. Klaus, his wife Suu and their 2 daughters Alina and Vita bought a sailboat and learned sailing. Kitesurfing in Sicily - the Ionian Sea Crossing from Greece to Sicily and a lot of other Sailing Challenges made this journey to a big adventure. They filmed 11 Episodes which are available on YouTube.


Sailing Panama

"The Sailing Family" is a sailing adventure film project, which is initially planned for 4 years. The documentary film series is about a family who make an adventuresports-journey through the Mediterranean and the Atlantic by sailboat and their kite surfing equipment.

The second season (2017) took place in July and August 2017 in Panama and the San Blas Islands. It was a great trip with the "new" boat and a preparation for the upcoming one year trip.


2018 & 2019

"The Endless Summer Sailing Trip"

During the third Season the sailing family will sail for a whole year (summer 2018 to summer 2019)  "The Sailing Family" will include Sailing, Kitesurfing and Surfing on the best spots in Central America, the Caribbean Islands and back to Europe with a lot of kitesurf and sailing adventures.

We plan to sail from Panama to Columbia, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Dom Rep, Turk and Caicos Islands, Bahamas and Florida. Afterwards we will decide - if we have enough money we will go on and make this trip to a real "Endless Summer Sailing Trip". If not - we will cross the Atlantic - back home to Europe.

The project will be shown in English in weekly YouTube episodes to reach the widest possible audience.

If you are a company and want to cooperate with us - don´t hesitate to contact us and get a part of The Sailing Family!

The next event "The Endless Summer Sailing Trip" starts in: