What is pinkrambutan?

A lot of the time in our life’s we traveled around the world and had great adventures- here you can see our last ones - www.TheSailingFamily.com.

We traveled to New Zealand, Australia, USA, different parts of Southeastasia, Africa and a lot of countries in Europe.

And at all theses travels we had also great experiences and adventures in a culinary way. 

We get to know to a lot of different kind of food which we have never heard before and this was awesome for us.

In one night - we were in the middle of the Caribbean Sea on our Sailboat - we had the idea that we want to spread our knowledge and also the great culinary experiences to the world - to you.

So our plan is to do a new project which is called spaceshipone - where everybody who want can follow us on YouTube and our website and we will broadcast weekly episodes where you will get a new receipt of a special meal or food of us, of people which we get to know on our travels and we als want to share our movement knowledge so that everyone has the possibility to have a great benefit and can live a healthy lifestyle by eating good and healthy food.

You will have the possibility to follow our travels and get all the background knowledge from different people all over the world.


Here are the milestones of our project:

10. June 2018

Milestone 1

Prestart of pinkrambutan in Holland, Sweden and Norge

1. September 2018

Milestone 2

Start of building the airstream for pinkrambutan

pinkrambutan needs supporters

Of course we need some supporters to get this project running. If you support our project from the beginning you will get some nice benefits as soon as we have started.

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