... now we're going to introduce you to a program how you are able to positively CHANGE your LIFE, your BODY and your HEALTH. It is an approach that you have probably never seen anywhere else…

You can get access to all this extraordinary informations for just USD 4,9 / month.


USD 4.9 means buying 1 or 2 coffees less a month and thereby gaining access to an incredible amount of valuable information that will completely change your life!


Since decades we are fitness enthusiasts with a special favor for traveling and adventures. Fitness, health, eating and cooking good and healthy food make us happy. 

Once we crossed the Caribbean Sea with our sailboat 2019 we have born the idea of pinkrambutan and creating an extraordinary healthy lifestyle gateway.


Because we want to make an impact and give you the possibility to improve your fitness lifestyle in a healthy way like you've never seen before. To get fitter, healthier and live longer a healthy lifestyle. 

So many people in the world have the same problem - health issues because of bad nutrition and less movement. Heart attacks, strokes, cancer and many other cardiovascular diseases could be prevented by a healthy lifestyle - healthy eating and exercise. And everyone can change it if they want and have the necessary knowledge about it.

To give you access to this knowledge and show you ways how you can implement it as easy as possible in your life is our goal with pinkrambutan and our EXTRAORDINARY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE GATEWAY...

Now probably you will say:


"I already know, what I should do to live healthier or to build my dream body.“

But in reality it is not like that.

In the past few years we have read the latest studies and tested and tried countless possibilities and found ways how to achieve a wide variety of goals in a healthy way - regardless of whether it is the beach body, healthy weight loss or simply trying to live as long as possible.

In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of presenting recipes that we got to know from our travels and are still getting to know in a cookbook so that everyone can benefit from it.

Our food should not only be healthy but also taste extraordinary good. We all love to eat good tasting food.


Pinkrambutan will give you access to 3 main topics:

food - travel - movement


Ok - let's take a closer look at how you can massively benefit from our healthy lifestyle gateway:

1. pinkrambutan movement

pinkrambutan movement we will provide 3 different programs to help you to reach your fitness and health goal. It will be a combination of fitness and nutrition program (pinkrambutan food).

3 different programs

1. Beachbody Shredding Program

2. Extreme-Fat-Loss Program

3. Stay healthy and live longer Program


The Pinkrambutan movement programs are designed with one clear goal:

  • Beachbody Shredding Program - To enable you to build the Beachbody physique of your dreams. Moderate fat loss with muscle gain - all in a healthy way (which is not normal in the fitness industry!).
  • Extreme-Fat-Loss Program - To enable you to loose weight in a healthy way and build the physique of your dreams. Goal: maximum fat loss.
  • Stay healthy and live longer Program - To enable you to live longer a healthy and beautiful life.

Each program will include your full training and nutrition plans designed to transform your body and lifestyle so it will be really easy for you to follow and know exactly how you can reach your dream body.

You also get access to over 100 bodyweight exercise videos, which I have arranged according to certain difficulty levels and muscle groups and which are used for the respective training program. It starts at beginner level and ends at pro level.

You can access it on all your devices - on your laptop, on your tablet or on your mobile phone.


The first program which will be launched is the Beachbody Shredding Program. The other programs are going to be launched in the following weeks.

The Beachbody Shredding Program is a comprehensive workout and nutrition program aimed primarily at moderate fat loss.

This program shows you exactly how to build dense muscle tone, drop fat without hours of cardio, and how to do it eating the foods you love.

In the Beachbody Shredding program I will show you how you are able to keep your body fat between 6 and 10 percent and just look awesome.

You will get :

  • all the information how you can built your Beachbody
  • nutrition and workout plans
  • fit meal recipes in our legendary pinkrambutan online cook book
  • access to over 100 bodyweight exercise videos

It will never have been easier to reach your fitness goal.

You don´t think so?

Here is the proof:

We are living a healthy lifestyle for years now and we have changed the lives of hundreds of people as personal trainers over the years.

We not only have studied sports at university - what is much more important - we have been able to make a positive impact of peoples lives who were heavily overweight, ate too much sugar and had critical health problems. With pinkrambutan we now want to give everyone who is ready to take the next step to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle.


2. pinkrambutan food & travel

The next big topic we will give you access to is „pinkrambutan food & travel“

We have created a cookbook with healthy and good tasting recipes and this cookbook is growing all the time. Not only during our travels.

The idea behind this extraordinary travel cookbook is that we want to spread our knowledge and also the great culinary experiences we had and will have in the future to you in a very entertaining way.

You will find recipes in our online cook book for every interest - not only fitness meals - you can have a free look at it if you click here.



So long story short - if you want to benefit from all this knowledge you can start immediately.

You will get access to

  • all the movement programs,
  • the Bodyweight workout videos
  • to our extraordinary online travel cookbook 


Pinkrambutan is a living platform...

pinkrambutan is not one-time-information - it will grow from day to day - form week to week and you will have access to the most current information that we read from a wide variety of studies.

We will continually publish new informations like exercise instructions, new exercises or important knowledge regarding our exercise programs.

The recipes in the cookbook are also constantly being expanded with healthy recipes from different countries around the world, so that you will always have variety when cooking healthy food for your body.


And here ist the best part…

Typically, access to such platforms costs over USD 900,00 / year. If you book me as a personal trainer you have to pay hundreds of dollars to get all this informations over a long period of time.

Now we want to do it in a completely different way. We don't want only a few people to be able to afford access, we want to to give access to as many people as possible because we want a lot of people can benefit from it.

We also do not want to offer the different products individually in order to make as much money as possible - that's why we decided to create an „one access to all platform“. You get access to all these different informations and offers and everyone can choose what to use and benefit from.

You can get access to all this extraordinary informations for just USD 4,9 / month.


USD 4.9 means buying 1 or 2 coffees less a month and thereby gaining access to an incredible amount of valuable information that will completely change your life!

ATTENTION: This offer is an early bird offer! The price will not stay that way - the price will increase  continuously.

If you start now, you have a huge advantage. Because if you start now, the price will always stay USD 4,9/month for you - that´s fantastic, right?

Don't worry, you can't loose anything, you can only win! If you are not satisfied you can of course cancel your subscription at any time and you are not bound. That’s it - simple and transparent - so what are you waiting for?


Lets enter EXTRAORDINARY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE GATEWAY and start to change your life now…

The question is: "Are you ready?" We are...